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We are a group of Israeli artists who design and create authentic Israeli art.

Our group goal is to promote young Israeli artists and Israeli artists with special needs.

We develop special products which combine the symbols of Israel and Judaism with love to our country.


Shipping Policy:


When will your order arrive?

To calculate when you will receive an item, you need to consider the availability of the items you are ordering (Most products are available in stock, some of them are: "Made by order") as well as the shipping option you select. Here's the equation we use: 

Longest Item Availability + Shipping Time = Total Delivery Time

Note: usually has all the products in stock, except customized products such as rings.

However we keeps the right to inform you by Email or phone, within 48 hrs, in case that the item you have chosen is out of stock.

We will notify you how long it will take to get it back to stock and ask you if you want to wait and buy the product.

If you'll not want to wait - we will return you all your money, If you'll agree to wait we'll add a nice gift for your kindness.

What if my order includes several items with different availabilities?

Unless you notify us by E-mail or phone, multiple-item orders are held for shipment until all items are available. (For instance, if you order three items, and two have an availability of 24 hours while one has an availability of 2 to 3 days, your order will ship in 2 to 3 days.)

What is the delivery time routine?

Normally, we pack your order within 24 hours.

Standard shipping is via the Israeli post office (up to 2 kg):

Europe: 14-30 working days.

U.S. and Asia: 20-30 working days.

Australia and the Far East: 20-40 working days.

Is there an option for express delivery?

Yes, it is by ESM - Express Mail Service

By ESM the worldwide delivery time is 4-7 working days and it is door to door delivery. 

The price calculator is in this link:

If you want to get the price of EMS from us (In order not to mess with the price calculator) - please contact us, tell us what you like to order, and we will tell you the ESM delivery price   


Full Satisfactory Guarantee!

There is no obligation on your behalf. If you don’t like the product you get, you can return it and you will receive a full refund!


Please, before you send the product back, contact us, we will try to find the way that you will be satisfied without any hassle on your part.


Please, remember that we are not business people - we are artists that want you to enjoy what we create for you.


We promise that you will never regret for your supporting of us !

Thank you very much, and God bless you for your support.

Israeli Art Association


Tel: +972-52-2661199

Thank you! for your support of Israeli artists!

Full Satisfactory Guarantee!

There is no obligation on your behalf, 
If you don’t like the product you got and you return it to us,
 you will receive a full refund!

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