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1. You pay 22 $ to the Israeli Art Association and you will get a box with artistic creation of an Israeli artist.

2. As a non-profit organization, we promise you will never receive a product worth less than 22$. In every case you will receive a product worth much more than 22$ and it's free shipping from Israel, worldwide.

3. We know you’ll like it (after you try it) you can buy a monthly subscription (for 6 months) for only 18.50$ each, and you'll get a surprise box every month.

4. If you like you can choose a category of your surprise like: Israeli songs (CD), Judaica Jewelry, Jewelry for woman, gift for man, Israeli jewelry (not Judaica) and Etc.

You Can Choose Between 2 Plans:
1 Months Plan

Please, try our surprise box - we will not disappoint you.

If the surprise box will not be worth much more then 22$ we'll refund your money.

6 Months Plan

After you try the 1 month plan, we are sure you like to get our surprise box every month.

Please, click to get your monthly subscription for 6 month.


We promise you that all the artwork is handmade by Israeli artists and we promise you won't be disappointed!

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